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The Newest Bag

In Uncategorized on August 11, 2008 at 3:00 pm


The newest addition to the KJ collection (: A woman at the Farmers Market last weekend told me her daughter in law loved browns and she was wanting a bag of mine for her. She was thinking brown floral, but since I already had this fabric I’m hoping it’s something she would like.


I put button closures on the pockets, which I think adds a cute look.


Annnnd! I added a zippered pocket on the inside of the bag, something I’m really proud about!! I’ve never done a zipper like this and I think it’s the perfect touch to the Kj Bags. I’ll be doing it in all of them from here on.

I have a few more dreams for my Kj Bags, such as adding adjustable straps and O rings at the base of the handles. I really have to think about things before I add them to my bags. I like to make sure they’ll look good and figure out the “how-to” in my head before I start trying.

I love this bag…I really wish I could keep it for myself!

Dear Liberty…

In Uncategorized on August 6, 2008 at 4:06 pm

You featured my Etsy store and blog on your blog the other day and I just loved it! Thanks so much for thinking of me and linking to my stuff…I really can’t believe you think I’m “insanely talented”. That’s such a huge compliment!

To answer your question of how I achieve my photography: I have no idea! Really. I have this crap camera that hardly ever focuses properly, the lens doesn’t shut properly, it’s chipped and scratched and only cost $100.00 from WalMart. Half the time I have to take hundreds of photographs and still only end up with maaaaaybe one that will do. I guess if I was to say I had a “trick”, it’d be Picasa. It’s a photo altering and storage system that you can download for free and I use it to enhance my pictures, make them more sharp or add funky features to them. But it’s all the computer. Hopefully soon I’ll be getting a new camera, my hubby and I were just talking about getting it as a joint Christmas gift for ourselves…

Thanks for your advice, too! I’m trying to put into practice what you’ve said and hopefully my blog will become more successful because of it! Thanks (:

Sew What

In etsy, Uncategorized on June 19, 2008 at 10:03 pm

I was just talking about this wasn’t I? 😀 Great minds think alike!

Tonight is sewing night! It’s official. I finally have a free night and the hubby is talking about going quadding with his buddy…so I can spend all evening in my craft room, mp3 player on, singing my guts out and cutting / sewing new bags! I’m so excited! I have a couple orders from girls around town and a few new fabrics to work with…I can’t wait to get them done!

The money I’m earning from these recent sales will be going towards a button maker. I’ve decided I want to try one out and since I’ve made a couple sales, I’m getting closer to having the money. Just another couple bags and it’s a go.

Thanks again to everyone who is taking a peek through my Selling on Etsy series! I’ve had great responses from that series and can’t wait to get started on the next one! If you have any suggestions let me know (: Thanks guys!

Oh, I had my first “insult comment” this morning…I guess that means I’m doing something right hey?