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MFH – May Find Helpful

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Going through my Blog Roll and Daily Reads, I came to Make It and knew I had to share the links she had.

  • Craftopolis– To see if your Etsy shop has been featured in a Treasury!
  • Craft Cult – To see if your Etsy shop has been featured in the Storque, the Front Page or Gift Guides. You can even see how many hearts your shop or items have. Also, you can check out their Vault for Treasuries that have been featured on the Front Page.

These are just a couple helpful sites that all us Etsy sellers might find handy (:



I’m trying to find some new clothes to bring to England. Simple but fun pieces that will be easy to chuck on and not make me think too hard about what will go with it. That way, I figure, I’ll have more time for exploring!

This shirt is by Lamixx, a super awesome store that I’m drooling over.

Blogging Techniques 2

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For a while now I’ve been reading a blog called Make It. Shannon, the author, writes several times a week on her business ideas, plans for the future, and different projects she has been working on. It’s fun to see her different strategies and to see her progress in her stationary business!

Here’s the question I posed to Shannon: How do you build your brand in blogging?
A: Establish a personal style. By this I mean a visual style for your blog (custom banner image, consistent photo size, etc.) and a personal point of view. The amazing thing about blogs is that they can be about whatever you want and it’s your personal space to do with it whatever you want. But I do recommend having a common thread running through most of your posts. So decide what you want your blog to be about and have that be the focus of most of your posts.

It’s really important to be consistent and regular with posting. The more the better, but I’d say 3 – 4 times a week is a good goal to shoot for. The more you write, the more readers will check in and as a result your audience will grow.

Photography is so important for blogs. I read several photo-only blogs, but I don’t read any text-only blogs. We’re not all professional photographers, but do your best to post the best photos you can. (If you’re pulling images from other sources online, make sure to give credit to the source.) If you do develop a signature photographic style (or a signature way of laying out photos gleaned from the web, i.e. in a photo collage) that’s another strong way to establish a blog identity.

Mostly, a blog is about expressing your opinions and interest with a group of like minded readers. Once you set up your own blog, you will naturally find yourself leaving comments on other blogs and getting the word out about your own. Blog readers and writers are extremely savvy and really respond to when people are genuine. So go ahead and express yourself, play nice with others, and your blog will grow in the most natural way, because it will be an extension of you.

*Linky Lovey*

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I think it’s time for another Link Love post. I love doing these…I always really appreciate it when people post my links and I love giving back to them and other bloggers / Etsy sellers.

  • Don’t you just love the name Sally Jane? Funny, it’s a combination of my sisters name and mine…maybe that’s why I like it so much (: I’m not going to tell you what this girls all about. I want you to look and be fascinated! I’m evil, I know.
  • Apparently, I’m into the “S” names today. I just added Sarah & Abrahams link to my blogroll. She’s cool, she’s awesome, she’s funky. Check ‘er out. She’s an Etsy seller and guess how many Hearts she has now? Oh wait. Yep, you gotta look at her blog to find out. Evil little me.
  • I went back to visit my old blog the other day, to get some more links from the blogroll. And I fell in love again. With Style Me Pretty. Do you need a girly boost? Read this blog. You’ll melt.
  • I’m sure I’ve given this girl some link love before, but I’m going to do it again! Shannon’s blog at Make It is so great, always a cool post on what she’s working on, her thoughts about business (on and off Etsy) and other creative and inspiring tiddle-bits. She’s a daily read for me.
  • Also, check out this picture. For the princess in you.

Oh and by the way!! I have a big project I’m working on that I’ll hopefully have more organized by early this week…it’s a gooder! Make sure you check back!