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Towards Freedom

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I’ve studied economics for more than two decades, and the best system I’ve ever seen for intellectual distribution is the   business—also known as one-toone marketing, network marketing, referral marketing or relationship marketing. This home-based business takes intellectual distribution to its pinnacle—creating wealth by helping others.

Paul Zane Pilzer


And you wonder why I’m working my Arbonne business so much? Click me and read the article.

If you are interested in Arbonne as a business, or even to try out our products, I would LOVE to send you a sample or more info on my business. Please let me know!



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I had THE best night last night. It started off with cleaning the house, which wasn’t so great, but ended with a GREAT Arbonne party…I mean GREAT!

Oh, and I also watched part of Running In Heels, which is now added to my “Favorite Show” list (The Mentalist, Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, Castle, Project Runway, ANTM…How I find the time is beyond me!).

But back to the Arbonne Party.

I had a Spa Night with a girl and told her that if she brought a friend or two, I would give her a free Arbonne item. I got nervous when they hadn’t showed up on time, thinking that they weren’t coming at all, but they arrived and the party started. She had brought one friend and received the Sea Salt Hand Scrub, which is an AMAZING product (but what Arbonne products aren’t? :)).

I started off by giving the girls their facial. A face scrub got things going and then a rich mask. We got our tea ready and headed to the living room where I had soft music playing. The girls applied the foot treatment, then sat back as I gave them a hand scrub and massage. With the candles flickering and the music playing in the background, they were almost napping.

By the time they were ready to leave, the girls had ordered almost $400 of product each! Within two hours I had made $200. Talk about a sweet job! I love pampering people and helping them feel relaxed and I earned quite a bit of money doing it, what better job could a girl have?

I have another party tonight and I’m hoping there will be a few girls there to give the spa treatment too. Then on Saturday I have a Tea and Cupcake Party happening at my house for a bunch of friends. I’m going to have my Arbonne products displayed and we’re all going to have a facial. It’s going to be FUN!


My Life

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I’ve been thinking lately that I’ve been neglecting my blog. My time is running thin these days! Let me tell you what it’s been filled up with!

The other day a girl came into work, she rents a room from us several times a month for her business. She hands me the catalog and says “Have you ever heard of Arbonne?”. Apparently this is what she sells…yes, I have heard of it, I tell her, but to be honest, it’s way to expensive for me. She goes on to tell me that I could save 35% on all their products if I sign up as a consultant. My eyebrows raise. Hmm. “But what is a consultant required to do?”. Nothing. An Arbonne consultant isn’t required to sell a certian amount of product, buy a cerian amount of product, hold any parties…they aren’t required to do anything! Now I’m interested.

On my trip down to Vernon last weekend I listened to an MP3 player with Arbonne information. Arbonne consultants telling their story, how to run an Arbonne business, what the products are made of…really everything about the company. I took the MP3 player from Jannah (the girl who told me about the company) thinking “I’m sure Arbonne is do-able…I’m just not sure if I can do it”. By the time I had finished the trip to and from Vernon, I had listened to 22 hours worth of Arbonne information (no joke!) and was completely convinced it was a company I wanted to work with.

I’m not trying to sell my readers on this company or it’s items, I’m just so excited about Arbonne I just had to share it with you!

I won’t be quitting with the job at the radio/entrepreneur centre as of yet, but I plan to make Arbonne my full time job within the next year. I know it’s going to take some work, but I am so pumped about it I know it’s going to work!

If you have any questions about Arbonne, it’s products, the job oppertunities (being your own boss!!) I would love to answer them for you! And I’ll of course be writing more about my experiences as they days go on.

Ps: Lookit my puppy! They’re getting so big!

Goals – The Last 2 Weeks

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Goals Goals Goals!

So lets start with the week before last. I had a great week that week, seriously. Awesome!! A total of 708 views, which was mind blowing! A lot of it had to do with my features that week. Several successful Etsy sellers shared their financial experiences with my readers and were able to help a bunch of us our with their advice and stories.

Also that week, several of my fave bloggers stopped by to give their advice in blogging.

It was a great week!

And now to last week. Another good week, consistant and that’s always a bonus. The KJ Blog received 374 views which is 24 above my goal of 350! I loved looking at my stats and seeing them consistantly around the 50 views per day. Just what I’m looking for!

More to come today!! I finished another bag last night so there’ll be pictures!

Business Techniques #3

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It’s so interesting to see how different sellers manage their profits! Everyone that I’ve talked to so far has a different technique and I’m learning a lot from their stories.

The next successful Etsy artist I chatted with was Kitty Cross Bones, you might remember her from her “Quit Your Day Job” article in the Storque…yeah. Lucky bum, hey? Here’s how this girly answered my question.

Q: What is your formula for your earnings? How do you work out how much to put back into the business and how much to save?

A: My earnings would be Sales – fees= net income – supplies = profit. I only put back into the biz when I run out of supplies so anything after that would be saved. I actually don’t have an exact formula as in depth as the other sellers on your blog. I don’t charge for my design or setup fees. Mainly the product would be calculated for parts+labor. Sometimes I work about 18hr days in the studio.

When I first started out selling, I was actually putting my personal savings into it from my day job (which I recently quit last year due to my Etsy success) I was in the hole, so to say, before biz started to pick up.

You asked how do I know how much money to spend on the biz and how much to save? So when I run out of supplies I will reorder them. I buy in bulk so the price is low and whatever is leftover after spending from supplies I put that into my savings account and then pay my credit card bills with it…


There’s so many different ways to manage your money! And it must be successful, Kitty’s quit her day job…and all the other successful Etsy Artists I’ve interviewed are super successfull too!

This series is really giving me food for thought. How should I manage my finances? What theory works best with my needs and wants? It’s a hard call, since I’m still just getting started, and it’s so great to have all this advice from sellers who have made it!

They keep coming…


Business Techniques

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I started a forum post on Etsy the other day, asking for suggestions for successful Etsy sellers. I got a huge response and it was really interesting looking through the shops that have made it big!

The reason for me looking for successful Etsy sellers was that I was looking for someone to answer a question I had. Since I’ve started making more money with my bags lately, I’ve been wondering how much of that I should be putting back into the business and how much I should be saving. I thought if I could ask someone who’s already established this question, it might help me out some! Better yet, why not get a few opinions and see which might suite me better.

I convo’d a few of the sellers suggested, some of them being sellers I had already been in contact with about featuring in the blog etc. Ahpeeleis one of these sellers, and seriously…I love these guys! Their shop is amazing, they are so helpful and nice…just friggen awesome. And they’ve hit the big times, it seems (congrats guys!!).

My question was: Q: What is your formula for your earnings? How do you work out how much to put back into the business and how much to save?

And they answered: it’s a good question
unfortunately we dont have an exact formula
for the first few years we put pretty much everything back into the business
except what we needed to eat and keep the lights on
we learned to live really cheap, take walks for fun, and cook all our food
it was a game to see how little money we could live on
then everything leftover we spent on tshirts and silkscreen stuff
it helps that we really love making stuff
so we dont miss the mall (we hate the mall)
though we are able to save some money now
we always have goals that we are saving for
the goals are the most important part i think
they give us direction and motivation.

Their answer doesn’t give any definite “You need to do this” stuff, but it’s awesome knowing that they started out counting their last pennies into the business and not actually making much for the first couple years. It’s really encouraging to know that it takes a while to get properly on your feet and profitable!

Also, have you read their Success Story? Just a bit more about their business and how they started…really interesting!!


I’ll be posting more of the answers I received to this question during the next couple days…hopefully you find them as helpful as I am!


Ze Market

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So the Farmers Market.

It went better this week, much better than last…but still not as good as the first. That sounds down doesn’t it? I dont’ mean it, I actually had a great time and was completely satisfied with the amount of money I made. I also received a couple special orders, which was a bonus…and it just so happens that I have the right fabric at home to fill one of those orders. Simple! I sold $100 worth of bags, which I hope will be come a pretty standard amount.

I need to come up with a plan on how much money to put straight into savings and how much money to invest in new fabric and supplies. If anyone has any ideas or wants to share what they do, that’d be super interesting!

I was talking with more of the sellers at the Market, just chatting about business and their products. One of the sellers mentioned to me that she has more sales if she has more items. Pretty simple idea hey? I’m still learning about this stuff, that’s my excuse (: So my goal is to make a ton more bags for the next Market I go to, hopefully I’ll have a bunch more sales because of it.

Now to go and fill those orders…

Wedding Wednesday

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I’m so excited about this Wednesday entry! I had so much fun coming up with this project, and I’m really excited to get going on the next ones!

Today’s Wedding Wednesday is about place settings. Sounds boring, huh? They don’t have to be! Place settings are one way to make the guests tables look full and unique. Making the place settings match the rest of the decor means that you don’t have to have a huge centre piece, the place settings will look like they are part of it!


For this type of setting, I started off with three little sprigs of faux fern, a 12″ piece of ribbon, a funky paper napkin and the cutlery.

  • The fern I got from Michael’s comes in a much bigger sprig. From this main piece, I cut these three little pieces. Each large fern will give you enough little sprigs for two settings.
  • I picked up the ribbon from WalMart, in a sale bin. If you’re getting married, always keep your colors in mind when you go shopping. You never know when you’ll find great sales bins!
  • I got the napkins from Extra Foods (kinda like Super Store) for two bucks. There was at least 50 napkins in one package. Like I said above, keeping your colors in mind, grab great deals when you see them!


Instructions for Place Setting #1:

1. Take the three sprigs of fern and tie the ribbon around them.



2. Fold the napkin in half and place the cutlery on top.

3. Set the finished fern piece on top of the cutlery.


This place setting is easy as pie and super cheap, just make sure to remember to be continually on the look out for good deals! When you see a coupon for an item you want, clip it out and make sure you use it.


There’s a couple more options for this style of place setting. You can buy little envelopes at your local stationary store to place the cutlery inside.


Fold the napkin in thirds, and place it in the envelope, making sure it sticks out a couple inches (depending on what you think looks best). Place the fern sprigs on top and voila!


Here’s a couple other styles I tried:



With the option above, I sealed a regular white envelope and cut a couple inches off the top. I made the napkin into a fan, put it into the envelope and placed the cutlery in between the creases. I then tied a ribbon around the envelope.



You could also stamp the envelope, either leaving the ribbon off or still including it. In the picture below I just bunched a normal paper napkin, pinching it in the middle and smoothing it in half. 

Paper napkin might be a good option instead of renting cloth napkins or buying more expensive paper ones.


Or you could use a couple of ribbons to funk it up a bit, like I did below. I really like the look of the napkin folded nicely into the envelope here. I cut off the top of it, to get rid of the perferated look.


If you need to cut down on the price here’s some options:

  • Use only one or two fern sprigs per setting
  • Cut the ribbons shorter
  • Or use a stamp you already own

Remember: Deals Deals Deals!!! Where ever you go, look for the sales bins first before you look at the fully priced item. You might just find what you’re looking for at a really good discount! Use coupons whenever you can, little purchases add up so coupons really can help cut the costs. Also, ask for discounts. This can be a bit intimidating for some people, but just try it! What have you got to lose? A lot of stores have sympathy for brides and will be more than willing to give you a deal. If they say no, don’t be humiliated! Store clerks have so many customers come through their tills, it’s likely they won’t even remember who you are next time you shop there!

Feature Friday!

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It’s the end of another week, another BEAUTIFUL week here in BC. Finally it feels like summer here!!

This weeks feature is Dayler, a great stop for unique wallets. Really, you aren’t going to find these anywhere else…just Dayler. They’d be great as gifts or something to funk up your packpocket. I know a few boys who’d just love the gun wallet and my sister would fall head over heels for the Aaron Kraten one.




Dayler’s products suite just about every style. You know those hard to buy for teens? This is the gift they want. Trust me. It’s the “in” thing. Why not stuff a few bills in there while you’re at it, kids can always use money.


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So last night the hubby and I were duped. Like screwed out of money. Our grandparents live by this hotel, while we were visiting them last night a guy came over from the hotel and asked to borrow $50 to pay a cab driver to unlock his truck. He had a truly valid story, told us where he worked, what he did, how the economy was affecting his business. He came back after he phoned the cab company and said they would be another 30 minutes, did we mind waiting? He honestly seemed like a normal guy.

To be honest, I wouldn’t have handed him the money if it had been me…I didn’t feel 100% about it…but at the same time, I wasn’t totally against it.

Anyways…after an hour and a half waiting for him to come back with our money (why we didn’t just go with him or wait to pay him until the cab driver got there is something we didn’t think about at the time…dumb) we figured he wasn’t coming back.

Dang it anyways! Hubby says we’re the stupid ones, giving a guy we dont’ know our money and trusting he will actually pay us back. Isn’t that sad? We’re the dumb ones for trusting someone…for thinking the best of them…that just really makes me sad.

I’m not really the kind of person to be so naive, usually I can think level headed and be rational about things. Normally, we wouldn’t have given this guy our money so easily. But the one time we did, the one time we actually try to believe in someone…they screw us over.