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Marie Antoinette

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I went to the movie store the other day and saw that the new (ish) Marie Antoinette was on sale. So I bought it. It’s not the kind of movie that I normally like; the actors don’t have the proper accents, the music is modern…I love the era but with those other things added to it, it’s not “traditional” which is what I like. Besides that, Hubby pointed out that it’s a slow movie. But when I saw this movie a year or so ago, I completely fell in love.

It is a slower movie, but it really makes you feel like you’re apart of the livestyle and the everyday tid-bits of Marie and her friends. It’s so rich in color, the costumes are to die for and the food makes you drool!

I have to point out too that I watched this movie before we went to Versailles. Now that we’ve actually been there, I love Marie Antoinette even more! It makes the trip to Versailles and the Queens Hamlet come alive. 

One of the best parts of Versailles was the steps. A weird thing to be my favorite part…but it was so amazing walking up them and seeing how worn they were from the years of suffering under the heels of royalty. I kept thinking “Wow, they walked here, I’m walking exactly where Marie Antoinette walked!”.

I’ll have to post more pictures of the Queens Hamlet, Marie’s amazing little village behind her palace. It was surreal. But more about that later…








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The other day, while browsing my Facebook friends and their recent FB activity, I came across one friend and her Note on the subject of Twilight. Her Note consisted of a highly debatable opinion of the movie stemming from a Christian standpoint and there were many (many!!) heated responses in reaction to her post.

Just the night before, I had watched this latest movie screen phenomenon called Twilight and was thoroughlyimpressed! It’s been ages since I felt that much emotion in a movie, that much romance, that much heart. It was pure bliss watching it! And so, since I had just watched it and this FB friend’s Note was criticizing the lack of discernment Christians had about this movie, I was offended. To me, it’s a movie. A very clean one, at that. There was nothing in it that struck my conscience, before or after watching it…and there still isn’t.

A movie is a movie. There’s the obvious exceptions, but really…a Blockbuster Movie is a movie. Just like Gladiator, I Am Sam, Elizabeth and many more great movies, it’s there for the viewers pleasure and is meant to pull on heart strings. For all movies that come out onto the big screen, their goal is to create the frenzy that Twilight created. They strive towards that type of viewer/actor connection. Just because they hit it on the head, doesn’t mean that it’s ‘wrong’ to watch. It means it’s a great movie!

I guess this was a bit of a rant…but my point is this: Each of us is going to take offence to things. My friend took offence to the movie, I took offence to her response to the movie. But neither of us were in the wrong, we were just feeling what our persons, our history and our upbringing had taught us to feel. It doesn’t make it wrong, it just makes it different.

This type of thought might not apply in every single situation (although some people don’t believe in a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, I do) but in grey-areas or lenient areas, it does. Blogging being one of those areas too…We’re all entitled to our own opinion, but let’s be nice about it.

And if you notice someone being a bit harsh, or making statements you take offence to, just take a minute. Think:

“Is there a chance they might mean something else?”

Or maybe let it cross your mind: “What have they gone through to make them have this opinion?”. Give them the benefit of the doubt before posting a sharp comment or thinking badly about them.

Just my thoughts…

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Anyone been on Etsy this morning? This shirt was featured on the front page Treasury and I knew I had to feature it today! Rainbow Swirlz is an uber cute Etsy shop…I’m in love with their great banner…and of course all their items in the shop. Yep, all of them! I’m SO going to be shopping in this store for my little sisters birthday, a perfect gift for a 15 year old I think.

Also, speaking of great things for teens, has anyone seen Twilight yet?? (What a dumb question, probably the majority of you have!) I saw it last night for the first time and it was AMAZING! I didn’t think I would like it, but it was great! I highly suggest it…even as a date movie…I think the guys would like it too!

See TWITTER for my quote of the day.

Accepting the Challenge

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Works crazy today. Like super crazy, super stressed, super everything. Things are coming unraveled all over. So it was time to take a coffee break and read through my blog roll. There’s several blogs that I automatically go to first. Tiny Fig is one of them. She linked to Always Amy’s blog who offered up this challenge to post this movie about Etsy. Just another way to get the message out about Etsy.

It’s hard for me not to accept a challenge (not that this one is hard!) so here’s the video!

And I’m hyped up on Tim Hortons. That’s why the fast sentances….I’m r-r-r-ready to t-take on the world! Anyone got running shoes, I need get rid of this energy. Got the twitches.


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It’s always great to hear about stories where a business has made it from the ground up. That’s why I just love reading the Quit Your Day Job articlesin the Etsy Storque, it’s so great hearing what they learned from the experience and how they got where they are. So inspiring!!

One of my favorite blogs posted a link to the Hello Lucky Blog the other day and on it was a movie of how Hello Lucky got started. If you’re trying to get your business started and into the big times, this is another movie to watch for a piece of Oomph (:

Spring Lambs

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There’s something about sheep that really make me feel at home. It’s hard to explain, but seeing lambs play and ewes nurture their young, really just makes me feel…relaxed and comfortable. It’s the farm girl in me I guess (: My parents have several sheep, all with their own names and personalities. This spring they all had a set of twins, cute little babies, some with black faces, some with clean white wool. So beautiful!

I was searching in the Storque for a good article to read and saw they had a new Handmade Portrait video. I seriously love all these videos and this one was no exception. If you’re in need of a bit of inspiration, this is the video to watch!

Learning Something New

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I think one of my downfalls is my love for learning a new craft. It’s a good thing because it stretches my mind and makes my crafting know-how go a bit further, but it also ends up costing a bunch of money. Like when I wanted to learn the Gocco Printer, or now, when I’d like to try out the button maker. Little projects I’ve tried like crocheting, don’t cost much and are UBER fun (uber is a word you just have to start useing, it’s the new “awesome” or “super” or “neato” to those addicted to Anchor Man). I try to find more projects like these, ones that won’t break the bank, but sometimes you just need to splurge and try something really big.

There’s a new video in the Storque today that you might want to check out if you’re looking for a new and affordable craft. It’s all about embroidery and learning the Running Stitch. Becca is a great teacher and has very clear instructions. Make sure you take a peek and learn about your new addiction!

I was busy sewing last night, a Kj Bag (this is the name I’ve stuck with for the big bags I’m making) out of the load of fabric I bought a couple of weekends ago. So far it looks amazing…if I may say so. I have a serious lust for the material I used…the colors are so amazing! I’ll post pictures this evening of the finished product and the steps I took to get there, make sure you come take a peek!

The Coppers

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So I know I just posted a quick little link yesterday, but I have a few I wanted to post today too. I DO have to get my butt in gear and do a decent post, but I’m so tired and it’s SO beautiful out! I will tonight if I can!

Ha! I dont’ have anything against cops (except that one that gave me a huge ticket a few months back! Grrrr!) but check this movie out!

And for a great laugh, one of my all time favorites!

Hope everyone is getting blessed with the amazing weather we’re having up here!