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Don’t you just love the look of the new WP main page? Maybe you’re not a WordPress user, but you should look at the new page. It’s modern, sleek, easy to search around and super attractive. Love those new pictures!

The new page has really helped me find new blogs, of all types, and I love the different reads.

I often feel like I’m behind on the world’s happenings, but it’s articles like these that help me learn more about what’s going on in this universe. It takes me two minutes to read a quick article, and I feel better for it. That…and I get to swoon over Anderson Coopers picture. 😉



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I’ve got a Treasury West!!

I’ll add a screen shot when I get home, but I just couldn’t wait to post the link!

Also, have you checked out my new blog? It’s a controversial one, let me know your thoughts (:

Workin’ Workin’ Workin’

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This weekend I didn’t sew and I only cut out one pattern. But I did work on my mugs! It’s funny how my mind is trained to think “If I sew, I’ve accomplished something”. I kept thinking all weekend, “oh crap, I haven’t done anything!”. But then I’d remember I had created seven 8 new mugs (one not shown because it doesn’t belong in the set), and I’d sigh with relief.

I also worked on my blog, notice the blogroll is back? Yay!!

Being bored Sunday night, I flipped through parts of Etsy I hadn’t been to in a while. I had fun Geolocating several different countries and found some great new artists!

I’ll definitely be featuring some of these new artist in the Friday Features.

New Site!

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Have you ever heard of Fred Flare dot com? I just found it through the Featured Artist on Etsy. It’s a really cute site with cool items of all sorts (: Take a peek! I haven’t quite figured out if it’s all handmade items…or what the site is about exactly, but there’s super awesome stuff on it!

Speaking of the Featured Artist on Etsy…when am I going to get to be on there? (: It’s a goal: One of these days I’ll be the featured artist.

ETSY NEWS: I sold TWO bags on Etsy the other night. Two. To the same buyer (: Yay!! Hopefully sales are picking up! My goal is to have steady sales on the net during the winter and focus on the markets in the summer. That way I’ll have a good income coming in constantly.

Another new bag to come this afternoon!

PS: Also, check out great Flickr artist. Holy. Crap. Love it!

Etsy Buyers

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I’ve had a few friends and new buyers on Etsy ask how the process goes…is buying off of Etsy easy? What do you have to do? Some buyers who have been on Etsy for a while don’t understand what all the fuss is about, but I totally understand the feeling of being slightly overwhelmed at the thought of buying something on a new-to-you site. Let me reassure you, buying on Etsy is as easy as changing your socks. Really! It’s totally self explanatory, as you buy a product it helps you though the steps one by one and really makes the process easy peasy pudding ‘n pie.

Etsy is an amazing site. I’m not just saying that because I sell there either, I really truly think that this site is like….awesome. It has so many options for keeping you entertained (what? Entertained while I’m working?…um…yeah), chat rooms, forums, The Storque, Treasuries to browse through or make, Showcases, Geolocator…the list goes ON and ON!

If you’re new to Etsy or are just finding out about it now (where have you been??) I suggest reading through this articlein The Storque, it explains what the different features of Etsy are. It’s a great first step to getting to know the site.

After that, just remember, you can’t break anything so fiddle around and try stuff out! Etsy is the crafters playground…only you can’t swing off of things.


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Didja know you can get free banners on Etsy? If you’re looking for a cool one, and can’t find what you want just yet or can’t afford to buy one, check out the Etsy banners you can get for FREE.