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Cuteness Makes You Dance

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Doesn’t this wedding just make you want to dance? Check out Style Me Pretty, one of my daily reads, as you probably know, for more pictures from this wedding. I just LOVE you last picture of the girls dresses and cowboy boots, too cute!

And those lanterns hanging from the trees?? Perfection. Love the finishing on the photos too. Lovely.

Just a Few

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As you can see, we’re still not in the ‘green’ stage, but it’s coming! We saw a tinge of green on the trees on the drive home.

Just a note: After the first picture was taken, Cobie fell off of the log, 5 feet into a splash of water. She didn’t get hurt, but she enjoyed a quick swim! It doesn’t look like the log is that far off of the water, does it?

I can’t wait to go camping again!

~ Beauty ~

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This store is unbelievable! You know when they say that photos are everything on Etsy? If that’s true (which I think it is!) this shop has it all. Each of their pictures are a work of art…I would frame them. Really. I would. I’m thinking a burnt orange color on a wall with several of these photos in a black frame. But that’s  not even what Gougo Loft is selling! It’s the clothes! And they’ve already captured you haven’t they?



Well, I’ve been working my little bum off sewing the past couple days. I’ve sold seven bags, three on the Internet and four to girls in town! SO EXCITING!! I’ve decided that all the money from these sales is going to go into Arbonne products, in order to build up my stock of testers. Arbonne has a great deal for new consultants called the RSVP. It stands for something…but I can’t remember what it is (: Anyhoo, if you spend $840 on products you’ll only have to pay $420. It’s an awesome way to build up stock and be able to try out products for yourself.

I also just placed a pretty big order for catalogs, order forms, and samples from Arbonne. I’m headed to Calgary at the end of the month to see my sister and take in an NHL game (my first LIVE game! I’m SOOOO EXCITED! I even know what I’m going to wear already!). While we’re there my sis is going to host an Arbonne party / girls night. Wine, pastries, and of course makeup! What more could a girl ask for?! It’s a great way for me to maybe sponsor new consultants in that area.

I’m also going to tell the girls that come to the party that if they want to book a party with me, I’ll drive down again in January and do a couple parties in one weekend. And if they decide to become a consultant, this is a good way for me to help them out, train them a bit and answer their questions. Not that I’m a pro or anything yet! Arbonne is so great though, it has amazing resources so sponsoring new consultants long distance isn’t difficult!

Anywayssss! I’m rambling on! Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Flickr: Aknacer’s Many Faces

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The other day I emailed Aaron of Aknacer on flickr to see if he’d be interested in doing an interview for my blog. I was actually surprised at the speedy reply, but yep, he was interested! Make sure you check out his girlfriend’s flickr account too, RosieHardy.

Q: You’re an avid user of Flickr. How and why did you get started?

I first joined Flickr only to share some travel photos, but as my interest in photography grew i found Flickr to be a great social network to develop ideas and get feedback and support on photos. 
Q: How has Flickr benefited your photography and love for this art?
I started my 365 project because I saw some other people doing it on Flickr. Basically the idea is take a self portrait every day for a year. Some people go the simple route, and just do a snapshot most of the time, I wanted to create images that I could be proud of. The pressure to create something new and worth while every single day has made me devote quite a bit of my life to photography. I am spending anywhere between 3 and 9 hours every day creating the images you see on my stream.  Spending this much time on photography has really helped me to improve my skill, see what works, and what doesn’t.
Q: I’ve been following your Flickr Love Story with Rosie for a little while now, but many of my readers might not know what this is all about. Could you tell us a little bit about Rosie and you?
Rosie and I actually celebrated our 5 month anniversary today! Rosie lives in England and I live in the United States. She and I met through Flickr early on in our 365 project. It became very obvious from the begenning that we are very similar. The first thing I ever said to her was that I think we have the same brain. I believe that even more today. It is amazing how much you can tell about a person by what type of images they create.  Meeting my soulmate through Flickr couldn’t have been more perfect. We share all of the same passions in life but don’t necessarily compete for the same audience. We each create different types of images, and I think people are attracted to our images singularly as well as coupled.
Q: Where do you see Flickr taking you?
I am now working as a professional photographer and digital retoucher. When I first joined Flickr I had no plans of changing my entire life around for photography, but thanks in part to Rosie, Flickr, and all of our supporters I know now exactly what I want to do with my life and couldn’t be happier.
Q: What did you want to be when you grew up?
Good question, and the answer has probably changed more than I care to admit. I have gone through everything from Plastic Surgeon to ninja 🙂
Check out Rosie and Aaron’s blog! They have great tutorials, movies and pictures (:

Camping and Wine

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Have you ever noticed that weekends seem longer when you do something on Friday nights? This past Friday, hubby and I went camping, just the two of us to one of our favorite spots. We brought a bottle of wine, Yahtzee, white Cheddar pop corn and enjoyed the gorgeous view of the unending stars. I just love the top picture, it totally captures my kind of camping!



Today is another beautiful day so we’re heading out with some friends for a fire and hot dog roast. While us girls chat and enjoy the day, the boys will be filling our truck with more fire wood for the wood stove. Living in the cold cold north means you have to get a big head start on the snow.

More sewing this evening…I have a couple new bags cut out and ready to go and I think I’ll have a chance to finish both of them. Yet another twist as I find different styles I like. I’ll be posting pictures!

Feature Friday – Capree

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I love it when you look through a portfolio of art and see that the artist is really flexible with their style. They capture different looks and emotions with ease, making their art slip casually into that particular attitude.

Capree, a super talented Etsy artist, is exactly this. All the above pictures are her’s, they all have a completely different feel to them but you’re still convinced that each one is her style. Love it!! I especially love the first group of pictures…I think my fave would have to be “Wrath” (the girl with the gun).

Check out Capree’s blog, website and of course her Etsy shop and LUST over her pictures.

Blogging on a Postcard

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This post is a guestblog Damien Riley from Postcards From the Funny Farm. Thanks Damien!

A blog can be a great way to network with other people.  It can also be a way to build an audience.  Both these blog traits can work to make you money if you are diligent.  If you are here at Katelyn’s blog I am sure you have some interest in the blogging life.  If not, this post might not apply to you.  Either way, I hope you’ll read along as I explain adding value to your blog experience.  Knowing how to tweak images in your theme as well as in your posts will make more valuable posts ergot a more valuable blog.

Putting pictures in your posts. Pictures are simply stored bits of information that are “decoded” by a browser for your readers.  If you see them as files and bits of code you may be able to understand how to wield them better in your posts.  While Blogger, WordPress, and most blogging platforms out there have instant insert options, these will sometimes malfunction so it pays to know the raw code of html image placement.  Below is the code for this small coffee cup image:
<img src=”http://damienriley.com/images/cafe.gif” alt=”” />
<img src=”http://damienriley.com/images/imgcode.png” alt=”” />
Excellent html image insertion and tweaking help can be found at this site.

Putting images in your theme. I love changing out images in themes.  You can make a theme look totally different and it doesn’t require much skill or background knowledge.  Basically, you just right click on any image in your theme.  Once you know the filename, save or ftp out the image(s) and either replace them with the same sized one you want or edit the one that is there.  In either case, save them and ftp them back into the images folder of your theme.  I recently wrote an advanced tutorial on how to make a descending sidebar picture continued from the header in the WordPress default theme. It’s actually a useless project, but I learned a ton.  Check it out.

Images can be frustrating.  They pixelate if the height and width are wrong and do other annoying stuff.  Don’t let these things get you down.  If you have to, bypass the native image insertion of your blogging software and use raw html like the basic starts above.  Also, have fun tweaking themes.  It shows your reader you value your blog when you tweak it a little (or a lot as the case MAY be).  I hope this helped someone out there starting.  Blogging is great.

Dear Liberty…

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You featured my Etsy store and blog on your blog the other day and I just loved it! Thanks so much for thinking of me and linking to my stuff…I really can’t believe you think I’m “insanely talented”. That’s such a huge compliment!

To answer your question of how I achieve my photography: I have no idea! Really. I have this crap camera that hardly ever focuses properly, the lens doesn’t shut properly, it’s chipped and scratched and only cost $100.00 from WalMart. Half the time I have to take hundreds of photographs and still only end up with maaaaaybe one that will do. I guess if I was to say I had a “trick”, it’d be Picasa. It’s a photo altering and storage system that you can download for free and I use it to enhance my pictures, make them more sharp or add funky features to them. But it’s all the computer. Hopefully soon I’ll be getting a new camera, my hubby and I were just talking about getting it as a joint Christmas gift for ourselves…

Thanks for your advice, too! I’m trying to put into practice what you’ve said and hopefully my blog will become more successful because of it! Thanks (: