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Making Memories from Memories

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My Granddad passed away almost a year ago and although I hadn’t seen him many times, it was a hard experience for me. I had always felt a strong connection to him, I’m not sure what created that connection, but it was there and I loved him alot.

The only thing that I wanted of his when he passed was his hat. On one of the visits to England when I was a kid, I had worn the hat constantly. I love it. It represented England and my Granddad. Old school tweed, worn and aged. So on my trip to England this past summer with Hubby, I made sure I asked my Dad’s brothers if I could have it.

Yesterday a friend and I went out to do a photoshoot and I decided that the hat would be a perfect centrepiece to one of the shoots we had planned. I loved how they turned out! I love how they look so British, I know my Granddad would be so proud: “Oh Katie, would you look at that….”.


Summer Evening

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Originally uploaded by Olivia Bee

I’m loving the colors of this photo, and the lighting behind her hair. It has such a typical summer evening feel to it. If only she was holding a piece of BBQ’d corn, then it really would be the perfect summer night (but would also look kinda weiiiird).

A friend and I are going to be doing a photoshoot pretty soon, we’re just finishing up all the final touches. We bought three summer dresses for the shoot, all for under $15, a large silk Peony, a blonde wig from Ebay (in a bob style), and we’re borrowing a pair of cowboy boots.

We’re going go do the shoot at my parents farm. I figure pictures by the horse, maybe in the woods with the goats, or in the chicken coop with a chicken under my arm, would be pretty cool. We’re also going to bring a picnic basket, quilt and wine glasses down to the woods and see what sort of fairy-tale / whimsical feel we can create down there. Should be interesting!