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Keep the Faith

In Uncategorized on April 7, 2009 at 3:00 pm

It really frustrates me when people blow things completely out of proportion. They just love adding to stories to make them seem bigger than they are and more dramatic.

There’s seriously nothing more maddening to me.

Here’s an example.

My mom was telling me about this guy that a family friend was dating. This guy was apparently a bad influence on the girl, had long greasy hair, tattoos all over, piercings coming out of his yin-yang…you get the picture. He was not a decent guy. While my mom’s telling me this, she’s gasping and her eyes are wide. It’s a dramatic story. And of course I fell right into it. This girl was obviously not his type, what were they doing together?

Later on I find out exactly who the guy was, and it turns out, he’s one of my acquaintances. He’s super sweet, has medium to short hair, no tattoos, and his ears are pierced. (I’ve since learned to take my mom’s stories with a grain of salt).

With the world going down hill at the moment, I’m hearing so many stories that are made so much bigger than they need to be. I hear some people saying we need to start thinking about storing up food, that Obama is bringing the US into communism, that the world is going to end. Seriously.

Here’s what I think. Let the world do what it may. I’ll live my life one day at a time, deal with the challenges when they come, and that’s all that I can do. I refuse to panic. All I can do is trust that someone is looking out for me and use my common sense. Good grief, imagine if I started to panic now…while my life is still pretty easy?? I’d be a total wreck when it actually started to get tough!

I think the best way to prepare for the economy drama right now is to live life as it comes. Live sensibly, live smart. But don’t become fearful, don’t become paranoid. There’s a greater force then us out there, someone who can see the whole picture and has provided shelter even for the little sparrows.

By the way, I am in no way wanting to trivialize the hardships that some people are going through because of the economy now! I’m not saying that they are blowing their stories out of proportion, but that when it comes to “the world is ending”…well, you know what I mean.

MV Knits

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I keep watching this video over and over, the story is so beautiful…and the birth of the lamb just about brings me to tears!

The idea of CSA seems so sensible to me in this economy. I seriously think that now is the time to support the little guys. The Farmers Markets should be bustling now, the small businesses should be busy.

When I was little my Dad would read me the Beatrix Potter stories. The little mice in the books were always preparing for winter, gathering nuts and making their houses cozy for the cold seasons. I was about 5 at the time and I thought for sure that we, humans, had to do the same thing. I remember getting a panicked feeling when I realized our basement wasn’t filled with food. I asked my Dad why we weren’t stocking up for winter and he explained to me that it wasn’t necessary.

I’m getting that feeling again. How do we prepare for a recession? What do I do? How do I help my family get ready for potentially hard times? The biggest thing that I can do right now, I feel, is to support the little guys. Maybe this hits home a bit closer for me because my husband owns his own business…I just feel as though they are what is holding us up. They’re there for the long haul, as opposed to the big guys who are only in it for the payouts and not to keep their staff employed. Just my opinion (:

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