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I’ve realized that I’m a complex music lover. I really enjoy hard rock like Disturbed (although I hate this music video, the song is good), but then I love Celine Dion. Then there’s the folky girl in me who likes a good soft guitar music with a scratchy voice behind it…there’s just something calming about it!

When I heard that Mandy Moore was getting married to a Ryan Adams, I had to see who he was…and I was impressed! His music is actually great, a really original sound that I love. Calm and relaxing music. Enjoy!


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We’re trying to get our act together and decorate our bedroom. We’ve been in our house now for three summers and of course, we’re leaving our own room as the last thing to decorate. I just don’t want to be like that! I’d like my room to be a quite get-away, a calming place to go and relax. Right now it’s a disaster!

I think I’m going to stick with lighter, toned down colors, a pale olive green sounds good. I need to get a new duvet cover (well, ok, I don’t…but it’s a really good excuse!) that would look good in the green color above. We have dark brown curtains already and we need to get new carpet, a cream colored burlap type.

I’m also planning on painting a small book shelf white and having a comphy chair in one of the corners.

I can’t wait to get started on this project (yes, another one to add to the list!!).