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Creating Yourself

In Uncategorized on August 13, 2009 at 3:00 pm

I just saw a cool quote on M. Writes blog:

Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.

So true! Life isn’t about partying and thinking “Is this who I am? Does this suite me?”, it’s about living life and thinking “Is this how I want to be viewed? Is this the image that I want for myself?”.

I see so many kids (ha! “Kids” my own age) that lived crazy lives when they were younger because they thought that was the way to find themselves.

I think more “kids” (hubby always laughs when I call our peers that) need to live by the saying above. There’d probably be way less issues in their life if they did.

Create what you want to be, create the person you want to become, create the image you want to portray. It’s easy to become that person you see walking down the street, the one you admire. It’s not cheating to strive to be more like them, it’s showing part of yourself. As long as you’re being true to yourself and your desires, you’re headed in the right direction.


Personal Development

In crafts, etsy, sellers, selling, store, Uncategorized on May 8, 2008 at 10:35 pm

Have you ever had a craving to improve yourself? Ok, maybe not “craving”, maybe it’s an urge, maybe it’s an encouragement…a small voice pushing you forward.

Every Wednesday for the past several months I have been getting together with a bride, her bridesmaids and several of our friends. Krystal, the bride, is the latest bride I’m helping with her wedding decorating. Anyways, during these get-togethers us girls have been making the center pieces for the reception. While we glue the paper on the boxes, stamp and cut, we chat (obviously, we’re girls after all!) about everything under the sun. Last Wednesday books became the subject.

I’m always up for improving myself. I’m so close to perfect it’s not even funny (ha! joke!) but even so, a little improvement never hurt anyone.  The newest book craze in our small town is The Shack. Apparently it’s an amazing book, bound to change your view on God. Which I’m always up for too! I get stuck in a box, God along with me, a lot of the time. I start to view him as this all mighty dictator, and it’s always nice to remind myself that he’s a loving and gentle God as well.

Also on my reading list, because of the girls discussion:

How People Grow (Dr. Cloud and Townsend are AMAZING!!)

We’ve been going through a huge family trial lately…drama drama drama. But from what I’ve heard this book would be good to help me see where people are coming from and how I can steer my conversation in a direction they will understand. It’s amazing, sometimes I’ll say something to someone in a certain way and they either won’t understand or will think I meant something completely different. I’ll re-word what I said and then they’ll nod “Ohhhh!”. I can’t wait to see how this book can help even more, especially through this family junk.

Ok, on to lighter things! I think I’ve pretty much decided to permanently transfer my blog here. See? On the left? There’s a link to my other Note Book….but I haven’t been into that one much lately. Blogspot just isn’t for me anymore. It’s hard to navigate, hard for people to comment on and the dang links keep posting themselves in weird spots (NOT where I’ve highlighted). Gah. So anyways, as Step One of the KJ Blog Move I am offering a contest!

Comment on this post within the next week (until Friday, May 16, 2008). At the end of the deadline I will pick a random winner and they will receive a SURPRISE from me! The surprise will be a mixture of items, depending on who the winner is…once they have won I will post a picture of their prize!

Obviously, PART of the prize will consist of an item (or two!) from my store…so make sure you check it out!