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MFH – May Find Helpful

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Going through my Blog Roll and Daily Reads, I came to Make It and knew I had to share the links she had.

  • Craftopolis– To see if your Etsy shop has been featured in a Treasury!
  • Craft Cult – To see if your Etsy shop has been featured in the Storque, the Front Page or Gift Guides. You can even see how many hearts your shop or items have. Also, you can check out their Vault for Treasuries that have been featured on the Front Page.

These are just a couple helpful sites that all us Etsy sellers might find handy (:



I’m trying to find some new clothes to bring to England. Simple but fun pieces that will be easy to chuck on and not make me think too hard about what will go with it. That way, I figure, I’ll have more time for exploring!

This shirt is by Lamixx, a super awesome store that I’m drooling over.

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Anyone been on Etsy this morning? This shirt was featured on the front page Treasury and I knew I had to feature it today! Rainbow Swirlz is an uber cute Etsy shop…I’m in love with their great banner…and of course all their items in the shop. Yep, all of them! I’m SO going to be shopping in this store for my little sisters birthday, a perfect gift for a 15 year old I think.

Also, speaking of great things for teens, has anyone seen Twilight yet?? (What a dumb question, probably the majority of you have!) I saw it last night for the first time and it was AMAZING! I didn’t think I would like it, but it was great! I highly suggest it…even as a date movie…I think the guys would like it too!

See TWITTER for my quote of the day.

Feature Friday – Faves

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It’s friday and I’m in the mood to spend money. So I’ve been searching through my Favorites to drool over some of the items.             


This skirt is made by PinarEris, a really amazing artist on Etsy (of course!). The way this skirt is photographed is beautiful, and although my style isn’t steam-punk if it was mixed with different items it would be more ‘me’.


I’ve been looking for a lower V t-shirt for a while now and FluxProductions has exactly what I’m wanting. I love this color, the sleeves, the print…everything (:


A few years ago I went to university for a major in English and minor in Art. Before I went, I thought abstract art was a joke. I’m not sure what changed in uni but I’ve learned to love abstract stuff now. It may be that I realize the work behind it, the textures the techniques…

This piece by The Architect Studio is just stunning. I just want to study it, sit there and take it all in. Beautiful.