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Sometimes people make “cute” look so effortless! Jeeze…

Well peeps, it’s -40c here and ice fog is surrounding my work place so thickly, you can’t see anything. Why we are still open is beyond me. Seriously. What farmer in his right mind is going to be needing tractor parts in weather like this??

I should have phoned in and said my truck wouldn’t start. Dangit. Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

I’ll have new pictures of the kitchen this evening. You wouldn’t believe what we (aka: Hubby) has accomplished! I just about pee my pants every time I walk into the kitchen. I can’t believe it’s really mine, really just about finished and really so amazing. Wow. I seriously feel SO blessed!

Dahl and Dane

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I love this store!! Not only the items, but the way that it’s set up. The pictures are so cool, and the idea of the products are great. And what a great Valentines gift! “I Heart Nerds” would be  a good one for me considering my hubby is a computer tech :b Dahl and Dane is da’ bomb!


Spending Eye Money

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I’m eye shopping. I’ve decided that’s what you call it on Etsy, not “window shopping”. Here’s what I’m wanting at the moment…

 By Kate Szabone

 By Avalove

 By Oak Clothing


In etsy on June 12, 2008 at 10:00 pm

Have you ever heard of this site? I just saw it featured on Etsy as a buyer…they find artists on Etsy which is a cool concept in itself. BUT take a look at their site! There’s SO MANY fricken awesome t’s. I think this is my favorite one so far. EVEN better is the fact that you can submit your own art work for their review. The Threadless community then votes on your submission and if your T is chosen as one of their next designs, you can win C.A.S.H.

Just what we’re all looking for eh? (Yeah, I said “eh”, gotta problem with that? Bring it.)