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Clean Yourself Up!

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In this economy I think it’s super important to support the little businesses. Whether that’s Etsy or other types, I feel like it’s critical to support the little man.

That’s why I love Etsy! It’s such a great place for young businesses to build their foundations. It’s affordable, easy and caters to every kind of taste.

Sometimes it’s hard; you look at an item and think “well I could buy that at Wal Mart for so much cheaper!”, but really what you need to remind your self about is that that item (soap, hand cream, makeup etc) will last SO much longer being that it doesn’t have fillers like the big name brands. It’s definately worth the extra buck or two.

Check out Adoration Soap on Etsy! Seriously awesome products adorned with gold flakes or other decorative art, this soap (and scrubs and whipped soap) is a great gift or present for your own home.



Feature Friday – Bird Brain!

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This weeks Feature is Bird Brain Creations. They’re new to Etsy (only 20 days!) and have already sold two items…something I think is a great start!

Bird Brain’s items are super fun, colorful and exotic. They’d make either a great gift or an item to tie in the decorations of your bathroom or kitchen sink.

There’s two things I love best about this store: 1) The awesome colors of the soaps and 2) their labeling. The tags are so natural looking, but also professional and modern. They’re simple too, which contrasts nicely with the bright and in-your-face items.

I can just tell, this is one of those Etsy companies that’s just going to make it big and make it big fast!