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It was the morning of Monday and all through the house, not a creature was happy, not even the mouse.

Mondays are never good. Not unless you’re on a holiday and realize you don’t have to go to work that day. Even with the new haircut (meaning, twenty less minutes spent getting ready in the morning = more time sleeping), work mornings aren’t the happiest of times for me. I need a holiday. Time away from the monotony of the 9-5 (or 8-5 in my case). Good thing it’s happening soon or I might have to scream.

When I’m having days like this, I watch other people who mess up. Bloopers, people! I’m not that mean!

And I’ve discovered that even without sound, it’s a funny thing to watch. Ah yes, I feel better already.


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Ew. Don’t be a perv. That’s totally not what I meant 😀

This is just a QUICK POST (see!) for now, until I have more dirt.

Check this out to make you smile (:

Just Do It!

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We just got out of a staff meeting. Boy the girls here know how to talk. They talk about good things, but it seems as though we’re talking too much and not actually doing. I suppose the talking always leads to doing though.

Mostly we were talking about volunteering and how our entrepreneur centre can support and encourage volunteering. I love this idea and it gets me SUPER excited to talk about it and to be involved. We want to build a network for the volunteering community in our town; a base where people can come and find volunteering positions, chat with other volunteers…basically a social networking system for potential and current volunteers.

My biggest fave about this plan is building team work. I’m totally all about teams. I love the idea of working together towards the “greater good”! I love love love the idea of a group of people, all with the same goal in mind, working to make it succeed. It builds pride in your work and your efforts to see it become something, to see the end results. And besides, the in between parts are really fun too. Like the coffees with friends, brainstorming, meeting new people, presenting your ideas, putting those ideas into action. It’s all so exciting!

When people tell me they volunteer I’m like “Wow, they volunteer? That’s awesome”. My eyebrows raise and I think of how involved they are, how community minded, that they’re elite…it even crosses my mind that they must be one of those “green freaks” (“freaks” in every good sense of the word!). But then a shock runs through me as I remember I volunteer…I’ve been doing it for three years (or is it four?) straight now but it doesn’t even cross my mind that it’s volunteering. It’s just something I do constantly, part of my week.

When my hubby and I first got married we wanted to do something together. Our marriage counselor told us that finding something in common, a common activity (ahem…other than that!!) would build our marriage closer and help us get to know each other better. So the only logical thing to do was to volunteer at The Ark, a local Christian youth centre, as ball hockey coaches. We’ve been doing it ever since and it’s become part of our lives. When the season ends the manager of The Ark asks us if we’re going to be back next season and there’s no question in our mind if we will, it’s just natural to go back…it’d just be weird if we didn’t!

I don’t think enough people volunteer. They see it as a hassle, another commitment to fill their week and believe me I totally get that! Some nights it’s SO hard to drag myself to The Ark, to be positive with the kids. It’s hard work! But it’s so worth it. The kids always love to see us, they all have their own way of teasing us or their little stories they want to share with us. I think it’s the same way with all volunteer jobs, it’s hard to get there, it takes up our TV time or our visit with friends, but once we’re there, it’s very rewarding. In the end, even if it takes 15 years to see the results or the feedback, it makes us feel like better people.

Ok, I’ll stop ranting (: As you can see I’m pretty passionate about this and I could go on for years.

Hope you all had a great weekend! I got an awesome tan and just about finished reading my novel..that’s what I call a good weekend!

I have a surprise later on this afternoon, make sure you check in!