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About Me

In Uncategorized on February 25, 2009 at 8:00 pm

Some random facts about me, just for fun:

  1. My favorite movie is Moulin Rouge.
  2. I am addicted to Vegemite…and I’m running out. I’ll need to order some from Australia soon.
  3. My favorite book is The Thirteenth Tale.
  4. I text my sister constantly. All day every day. It’s free though, so I’m not worried.
  5. My biggest pet peeve is when people don’t use their signal lights.

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Before the Fire

In Uncategorized on December 8, 2008 at 6:15 pm


My birthday was a couple weeks ago and OF COURSE I asked for a gift certificate to Chapters. It’s really just a given for me. The whole experience is a gift for me. The moment I walk into Chapters, I feel a weight taken off of my shoulders, I breathe easier, I fall in love.

Books, antiques and new, get me somehow. As soon as I see them I want to flip through them, smell their pages and take in their words.

We don’t have a Chapters in our town, so during our trip to Calgary and Edmonton, we enjoyed a couple trips to the store.

We stepped into the store, the big classically worn doors closing out the winter cold and the tables of colorful books inviting us in even further. I smiled and breathed in the relaxation that pounced on me.

First: to the discount tables. I’m a bargian shopper, so any novel that I can get at a discount is a double treat. But since I love books so much, it’s really not something I stress about too much.

Then: to the Fantasy section. I’ve been meaning to start reading the Robert Jordan fantasy novels since I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the books…including my Dad-In-Laws opinion, which says a lot. I also picked up a novel about the beginnings of King Arthur by Jack Whyte. The author is actually from my province British Columbia.

Now: To Heather’s Picks. Heather reads tons of Chapters books and then reviews them or picks her favorites. I picked up a book “The Thirteenth Tale” and looked it over. I had seen it before and it looked interesting. I bought it.

Talk about AWESOME! It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten lost in a book. You know that feeling where you just can’t stop reading and even when you do, you want to go back to your book? This book does that. A total classic. Well written and a beautiful and twisting plot. Prepare to LOVE IT!

I finished the book last night, as I sat before our fireplace on my green velvet arm chair, and kept wishing it wouldn’t end. It’s really that good.