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Round and Round

In etsy, jewelery, jewellery on January 30, 2009 at 7:40 pm

Well, the world just keeps going ’round and ’round! It’s amazing to me that I still have so many constant readers ever after neglecting them for a little while. Thanks guys, you’re awesome!

I used to be so worried about my readership, always trying to get a certain amount per day etc, but I just don’t have time for that now! And even though I’m not posting links here and there, I still have new readers coming in and older constant ones still stickin’ around! It’s awesome!

Well, today is FRIDAY! Thank goodness!! I need some rest, a few days to sleep in and just relax will be awesome.


Just looking through Etsy and found these great necklace charms from Anne Kiel Jewelry. I love the colors! You can use one of them, or several on a necklace…either way, it’s an adorable piece!!


These awesome earrings are made by Amalia Versaci out of vintage zippers! Her work was featured on the front page Treasuryon Etsy…lucky duck!!


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So this month has had it’s ups and downs.

In the middle of September, I made a goal to guest blog twice per month. I just about made that goal in September! Yay! I guest blogged at Twiddle Stix and Corner Lot Creations…although I was a bit slow in getting the post to Cherie at Corner Lot and it was posted today (October 1st). I’m still going to count the post as a September post though (because I’m the boss and I can :).

For my weekly goals, last week was a bit short. The Kj Blog received 267 views last week, a shortfall from my  goal of 350, but I’m so excited about doing the Guest posts that I’m not too concerned (:

I’m still looking for a couple more Guest Posts to do for October! If you’re interested, please email me @ katelynjane.etsy@hotmail.com or convo me through my Etsy Shop and we’ll talk!

Goals – Phhhh!

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Goals shmoles. Bah.

Last week (and this week so far) have been a bit of a bummer. Not that I don’t fully appreciate everyone’s visits and comments and love, I just wish my promoting had paid off a bit more.

Last Weeks Views: 273. 77 off of the goal of 350 views.

I really need to find another blogging site that I can promote my blog at. I’ve tried Entrecard and Blogcatalog and I do get a few views from them, but because I can’t put their avatar on this blog, I don’t think I’m getting quite the response that I couldbe getting. I need another site that I can go to, become involved in the community, make friends and post links. Preferably, without having to earn points and post an avatar on the blog.

I’m wondering if Urbis has anything for blogs…I’ll have to check that out.

For all those writers reading, Urbis is a GREAT resource for you! You post clips of a novel or short story you’re working, a screenplay or poem…anything that you’re writing…and other members critique you. This site does involve points too, but it’s so much “easier” (and constructive) to earn them.

Here’s hoping for next weeks views!

A Bloggers Life

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Every week I post an entry on my blogging goals. I’ve made several goals for this blog, some of them are short term, some long term, some written down, some still in my head. Each week I write an entry on the goals I’ve written down and share if I’ve reached those goals that week or if I’ve fallen short.

This last week I had a comment from Corner Lot Creations asking how they would go about trying to get more views. Instead of answering in another comment where only a few people would see, I decided to write a longer entry about the question.

I’d like to say first, that I’m not a Blogging Specialist. I’ve been blogging for a little while now (I should really look up that date again), but I’m no pro. Damien, from Postcards from the Funny Farm, has been awesome in answering any questions I have and giving advice. He’s been a lifesaver!

I actually asked Damien this exact question when I started reading his blog. Until that point I was taking my blogging seriously, but not sure what else I could be doing other than writing entries and hoping views / readers / comments would come rolling in. When I saw Damien’s post on HIS goals and how HE was reaching them, I asked how he went about it. Did he wait for people to ask him to to a guest post, or did he go out and ask them? How did he build up his readership? I really had no idea how to go about it!

Here’s what I’ve learned, not only from Damiens’ answer to my questions, but from trial and error:

  1. Comment constantly on other blogs. I have a blog roll (which has disappeared since I changed the theme of this blog. It still can be found on my other blog though!) that I go through daily. I pick several blogs, and comment on them. It’s also important to find new blogs to comment on as well. Getting out there and reaching people who would normally not see your blog is important!
  2. Write frequently. I used to just blog a couple times a week. Here and there, whenever I felt like it. Which is fine, I guess. But if you’re looking to expand your readership, build it up and continually get visitors, your best bet is to post AT LEAST once a day. This way your readers will know that they can come to your blog and get a fresh read all the time.
  3. Sign up with blogging sites. I’ve joined Entrecard.com, blogcatalog.com and blogup and a couple more. I used to be nervous about signing up with sites like this, just because I wasn’t sure if they would suit my needs. But now I’ve realized that I need to just sign up with them, try it out for a while and then see if it’s working. If not, quit. If it is, I keep going.
  4. Not only should you sign up with these sites, you should become part of their community. Comment in their forums, post your link where you’re allowed to, add friends and show them appreciation.
  5. Post your link. As much as possible, without being spammy, post your blog link! Use it as your email signature, post it in forums asking for blogs links. I post my link in aprox. 7-10 Etsy forums daily. Just the ones asking for blog links, or sometimes after I sign off from a comment. I always get quite a few views from just doing this!

This is getting long, so I’ll tie it up.

Overall, I’ve seen that blogging is about networking. If you don’t let people know what you have to offer or how to find you, they won’t know those things.

My blog is still a work in progress. Slowly but surely it’s growing and even though it’s hard work, it’s worth every minute!

New Blogging Site

In Uncategorized on September 6, 2008 at 3:00 pm

OK, so I hooked up with a new blogging promotional site today, just to see how it works for a while. See the widget to the left? If you click on the main part of the widget, you’ll be taken to another blog which (as far as I can see) is completely random. If you click on the bottom part of the blog, you’ll be taken to the BlogUpp! Site. There you can get a widget for your own blog (:

Not that I’m a know-it-all with this site yet, but I suggest getting one of these widget if you’re a blogger. It will help spread the word about other bloggers and in turn, your blog. Your widget will appear on other blogs and you’ll earn more views / readers.

I’ll let you know my thoughts on it as time passes.

Goals – The Last 2 Weeks

In etsy on September 3, 2008 at 7:02 pm

Goals Goals Goals!

So lets start with the week before last. I had a great week that week, seriously. Awesome!! A total of 708 views, which was mind blowing! A lot of it had to do with my features that week. Several successful Etsy sellers shared their financial experiences with my readers and were able to help a bunch of us our with their advice and stories.

Also that week, several of my fave bloggers stopped by to give their advice in blogging.

It was a great week!

And now to last week. Another good week, consistant and that’s always a bonus. The KJ Blog received 374 views which is 24 above my goal of 350! I loved looking at my stats and seeing them consistantly around the 50 views per day. Just what I’m looking for!

More to come today!! I finished another bag last night so there’ll be pictures!


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Another week has passed and life on the KJ Blog seems to be getting better!! Within the past week I featured blog entries on money managing techniquesfrom successful Etsy artists, as well as Blogging Techniques with opinions and comments from successful bloggers.

There’s a trend I’ve noticed: When I post entries on “How-To”, the views always shoot way up. I love reading them on other blogs, “how-to promote”, “how-to sell”…so I figured I would do more of that on my blog. Guess what, it up’ed my views with minimal promotions. A really cool thing to see!!

My views for this past week got up to 399 without me really trying that hard!

Goal for Blog:

  • To have more “how-to” entries!

Ps: That lady is coming to the house tonight to look at my new bags…which reminds me I have yet to show you my newest rendition of the KJ Bag!!…hopefully I’ll make a sale or two! Cross your fingers (:

Must Do & Goals

In blog, etsy on August 11, 2008 at 7:18 pm
  • Think about advertising
  • Make a budget for sale funds
  • Update Etsy store
  • Submit Etsy store link to Poppytalk Handmade and Trunkt

Well, my goals were good to me last week! 504 views and many many comments! I’m really pleased! I know that quite a bit of these views were from my entries on successful Etsy sellers and that’s really helpful to know. My views / comments seem to skyrocket every time I have articles about tips with selling on Etsy or “how to’s” regarding Etsy…so I guess I should do that more often!

The week before last (I’ve been so busy at work lately, I’ve been forgetting my scheduled posts!) I did pretty good too, 314 views. Just caculated: In the past five months, this blog has received 4,040 views!! Crazy!

Have you checked out my new site?? There’s still quite a bit of work I need to do on it, but it’s getting there. My very OWN domain!! I’m so excited! I’ll be changing the decor on the new site every now and then, let me know what you think!

Goals: Week 7

In blog on July 29, 2008 at 4:56 pm

This past weeks goals were so much better than the previous weeks. I’ve continued to keep the goal of 50 daily views because I think it’s attainable, although I’ve had some recent trouble in reaching it.

Last week, I made an effort to send some “fuel” to my blogger friends on Fuel My Blog every day, comment in the discussions over at Blog Catalog daily, and also comment in the blogging forums at Etsy (daily as well). I noticed all of these things worked together to bring my views up a bit, but there’s still a tad bit of tweaking I need to do. I also kept an eye on who visited my blog and made sure I took more peeks at theirs. I’ll be working on that a bit more this week as well.

My views reached 302 this week, only 48 off of my goal…which, spread out over 7 days really isn’t that much! I’m still working on it, and we’ll see what happens!!

Note: I’ll be taking a break from Wedding Wednesday this week as there’s huge stuff happening at work (after hours stuff) and won’t be able to concentrate on it! But next week will be a gooder, I promise!

More creative posts to come!…


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The other day, in my Get a Makeover post, I wrote about using different items in your product pictures to show the size of your products. You can do the obvious, and place a ruler in the picture (this is a good technique for fabric sellers) or you can be a bit more creative. Lusummers store has some great examples of this. See the cute little pin cushions at the top? As soon as you look at this picture you know the size of the product. She’s done it in a creative way, without using a ruler, by using an item we all are familiar with: a book.


I wanted to show you this picture as well because it’s a great example of a clickable picture. One of the best tips I’ve read on Etsy is this: Use a main picture that will draw in the viewers interest and make them want to click. To do this, it’s best if you just give them a hint of the product and make them have to click to see what exactly the item is. Have the picture at a weird angle, show them just a piece of it to get them curious. That’s exactly what Lusummers did here. From this picture, you don’t really know what the item is but it’s colorful, interesting, and fun so you want to click it to see more!

Make sure to apply this to your new items and when you’re updating old photos!