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Aw, Asterix is 50! I loved reading these comics when I was little, and still love looking through them now. Great drawings and funny stories! I didn’t realize they were so old when I was reading them before…no wonder it’s been hard for me to buy some!


Two-Timing Kitty

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Luke sat in front of me like a tempting piece of chocolate. Something I wanted, so badly, something that tasted so good, but in the end wasn’t great for my health and something I knew I couldn’t resist.

Have you visited my other blog yet? I’m really having fun with it! I’ve created a character, Kitty, and each entry is like a (short) chapter in her story. I’m even ‘staying in character’ when I answer the comments. It’s really fun! We’ll see where it goes…a book deal eventually? Hmm. Nice thoughts anyways (:


M. Hmmmmmm

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I love to write. If you haven’t seen that yet…I love it, I just never find time to do it, other than in the KJ Blog. So when I stumbled on M. Writes, I felt like I had found home. “Home” as in: a comfortable place that encourages me to do what I love. Write. Right.

So today, I’m making the time to do the Writers Group prompt. And just so you know what I’m talking about, I’m posting Marta’s questions and then my answers…just so it makes sense.

01. what accomplishments are you proud of? write about the times you put your best self into action.

There are so many things I’m proud of, it’s hard to find which one…or “ones”…that I should write about.

I’m proud of me knowing who I am and what I believe in.

I’m proud of finishing Grade 12 with more credits than I needed and working full time at the same time.

I’m proud that I found the right man, married him, and that I’m now in the process of becoming the controlling woman he calls “Wife”. Ha. Joking. I am proud that I found and married him though.

I’m proud of who God’s molded me into, as a woman, as a wife, as a friend, as a creative person.

02. make a list of your dreams. big ones and small ones. describe them in detail. line them up in the dugout, let them play ball.

  1. Travel to England. This is one of my goals to accomplish before we start having kids. And guess what! It’s happening this Spring! Our families are super happy that we’re going…because they think that it means we’ll start having kids soon…
  2. Climb the Eiffel Tower. I’ve always wanted to do this, ever since I was a kid. And I’m going to accomplish it this Spring! Woo!
  3. Start Karate. I just have this urge to do Karate. It looks like a great work out and self defense is always good for us girls to learn. There’s a few excuses as to why I haven’t started yet, but really, they’re little and I should just do it.
  4. Fully replace my income with Arbonne. I’m working on this one! It’s completely do-able. My upline and many girls I know have done this and a few of them even own their Mercedes too!
  5. Work from home. I dont’ want to go back to work after we have kids, but I know that in the world we’re living in, it’s hard to live off of just one income. And because I don’t mind working, this is something I know I need to do.
  6. Write a novel…or two…or three. I had started a couple stories that were working their way into novels, but I lost them. I need to start over again…time…give me time…
  7. Have a successful blog. Really, there’s so many definitions to “successful”. My definition is that I would like to have 200 daily readers.
  8. Have frequent sales in my Etsy store. This is one of my “work from home strategies”. It’s all in patience and determination and I’m slowly working towards this goal.
  9. Be open minded.
  10. Be happy. Attitude is everything. Focusing on happy things brings positive feelings, whether you start out feeling positive or not.
  11. To make my husband happy.

03. your days are your sonnets. but are they really? are you living your dream or your nightmare? write down your daily routine. now write down your dream daily routine. how many items match up? are you being truly present in your daily life? are you simply going through the motions? list ways to create a more meaningful existence.

Daily Routine:

  • Wake up at 7.
  • Shower.
  • Scarf down cereal or protein shake.
  • Drive to work.
  • Lunch Break.
  • Drive home.
  • Eat lunch.
  • Drive to work.
  • End of the day.
  • Go to the gym / Go home to make dinner.
  • Arbonne Party.

Dream Daily Routine:

  • Wake up at 9.
  • Make tea.
  • Drink tea while blogging.
  • Shower.
  • Make lunch.
  • Mail purchased Etsy items.
  • Prepare Arbonne items for Party.
  • Have coffee with potential Arbonne Consultant.
  • Do Arbonne Party.
  • Go home.
  • Make popcorn.
  • Watch Castle.
  • Go to bed.

Yeah…so apparently I’m not present in real life. It’s not what I want to be doing at all, not what I should be doing. Not what I enjoy doing. So true. So true.

How to Create More Meaningful Existence:

– Work hard at Arbonne! Go for the Gold! My upline says that Arbonne is like College…only after 4 years you’ll be able to retire instead of just getting into the workforce. If I work as hard as I would in college, I’ll be more than on my way to success!

– Work hard at Etsy! Post items frequently, promote, create, just get out there! The more I put myself out there, the more I’m working towards a successful etsy shop!

– Make my husband work harder so I can stay at home NOW! Hehe.

Golden Rectangle

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I really wish I was getting married all over again…these invitations by Golden Rectangle on Etsy are SO fantastic! I love the bohemian feel to both of them, and there’s even more in the store that are different from these. The colors too…very old-school-become-new-again. Maybe what I need to do is become a hand writing addict and get my own stationary…as if I don’t have enough things to do!

This bottom one is my fave. I love the little birds and their branches, it’s so simple and cute!


Looking for GB’s

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I’m living life on the wild side today…eating Rockets before 12. Halloween is coming, it’s an awful time. There’s too much candy around and somehow it gets into my mouth.

I’d love to do more Guest Blogging Posts! If you’re wanting a change on your blog, a post about something specific or something around a general theme, please email me: katelynjane.etsy@hotmail.com. I’d love to work with you to write something that works with your blog’s theme! You can also contact me through my Etsy shop.

Blog Love

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Just thought I’d send some link love to blog’s I’ve newly discovered or haven’t linked to lately (:


The Kj Blog

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I’ve been working on my domain lately, the other one (oooh, that makes me feel like I’m cheating on this blog: “the oooother one”. Like the other woman).

I was finally able to install the “Contact Page”, or “Write Me” as I named it. So awesome! I’d love to receive some emails, so write me dang it! (:

There’ll be more funky stuff happening on the new blog in the next little while, so keep taking a gander over there.

Blogging Techniques 3

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This blogging techniques entry is from Damien, from Post Cards from the Funny Farm, a mentor of mine in the blogging department. Damien was the blogger that encouraged me to look into getting my own domain and has mentored me through that process.

Here’s the question I sent Damien: How did you start blogging and what promotions etc. have you done to get to where you are now?

A: My first “touch” of a blog was through Blogger (also referred to as “blogspot” and now owned by Google).  I started a blog but had no idea what all the bells and whistles around me did.  I knew how to write though so I kept an online diary sending the link to family after I saw movies, went to events etc.  I started doing that in 1997.  After that I started a FORUM, which is kind of like a blog.  I used to chat on a local forum and the moderators got really Draconian so I decided to start my own (sorry for the long boring answer, I am almost finished).  In the time I was on the forum I learned a ton of html a little at a time: ie; How to make a signature photo appear etc.  This would later prove very important for me in blogging.

The beginning of blogging for me was in December of 2006 when I started Postcards from the Funny Farm.  I could say a lot more that would probably help people starting but maybe you could interview me sometime 😉   The promotions I have done to become an established and lucrative blogger are legion, but if I had to whittle it down to the I feel would most help a beginning blogger, I would say these (if you’re serious):

Okay, better stop now — doing all that will take you weeks.  Come over to my online diary if you have any more questions.


Thanks Damien!

I hope everyone got something out of this Blogging Techniques series! Thanks to all the bloggers that gave their opinion and advice!