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Dear readers,

It’s Christmas time! (In case you hadn’t noticed…) It’s a time where families get together to celebrate, where food becomes the centre, where wine glasses are lifted in toast…where stress, money and bills are all crazed children running through your head as you try to not focus on them.

This is a semi-goodbye letter. Not completely. It’s a “I’ll be here when I can” letter, but also, it’s a letter to let you know that my presence here might not be that frequent.

We are going through some stressful stuff right now, no need to go into it further than that. But it will mean that a lot is on my mind and heart, and I’m not sure how much space will be left over for blogging. You never know though, I might need this “out” more than I think.

Thank you for poping by and supporting me in my blogging! I love every minute of it, and I hope I’ll be able to continue the KJBlog in 2010.


  1. Hey, tend to what’s important. Sorry I had such an intermisssion between visits. Hope we’ll see some posts from you in 2010 but tend to what’s important.

    • Thanks Damien (: Life is busy and relationships complicated, but I know Someone is looking over us, so everything will be worked out in time. I will be back.

  2. Hi Kate,

    I have been trying to email you. I am wondering if you have a new address or my connection is bummed up…lovely Nigeria connection! I hope all is well with you! I hope you are ok. I am praying regardless if I know details or not. I love you and truly care about how you are doing. I feel some what connected to you because of blogging, but that will never make up for yours and Is ability to talk, long and hard ya’know. I love you and will be praying that peace will come to you soon.

    Luve always

  3. Hello Kate! I hope things are going well for you. Take care of yourself!

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