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Dear readers,

It’s Christmas time! (In case you hadn’t noticed…) It’s a time where families get together to celebrate, where food becomes the centre, where wine glasses are lifted in toast…where stress, money and bills are all crazed children running through your head as you try to not focus on them.

This is a semi-goodbye letter. Not completely. It’s a “I’ll be here when I can” letter, but also, it’s a letter to let you know that my presence here might not be that frequent.

We are going through some stressful stuff right now, no need to go into it further than that. But it will mean that a lot is on my mind and heart, and I’m not sure how much space will be left over for blogging. You never know though, I might need this “out” more than I think.

Thank you for poping by and supporting me in my blogging! I love every minute of it, and I hope I’ll be able to continue the KJBlog in 2010.



I’m Likin’…

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Mistletoe and Summer Flowers

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It’s crazy how, after a week of -40c weather, -10c feels so summery! “You know you’re Canadian when…”

I’m looking through Etsy today, trying to decide about a custom buckle from Fosterweld, browsing Gift Guides (and lusting over this summer floral picture by Get The Picture) and getting in the Christmas mood!

A few more things I need to do to get into the Christmas mood:

  • Watch Love Actually
  • Put on the Xmas tunes and wrap gifts
  • Drink some mint hot chocolate
  • Bake goodies!

Tonight my little sister is coming to sleep over. She’s 15 and I love it when she sleeps over and we can have a Girls Night. Chick flicks here we come!